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Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest is one of South Africa’s most iconic and awarded dessert wines. Its name comes from the fact that the vines are harvested much later than usual, so as the grapes develop a disease called Noble Rot which gives the grapes their sweet taste. 

It is a sweet white wine blend that is served with desserts and cheese.  A gorgeous, bewitching blend of Chenin blanc, Semillon and Muscat, Fleur du Cap and shows beautiful honey and pineapple aromas with spicy notes and whiffs of dusty botrytis (the fungus that produces the rot).  Dried apricot and peach meld with well-balanced acidity on the palate ending in a long lingering finish.

“Noble” rot

The timing of the grape picking is crucial – catching the grapes before the rot sets in too deeply – which means that production of the wine is limited and has a premium price attached.

The 2010 vintage of the much-lauded Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest stole the limelight last year as the fifth consecutive vintage to achieve a five-star rating in Platter’s South African Wines and the only wine to achieve such a remarkable feat.